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The home of Danish lifestyle and interiors blogger Allan Torp (Bungalow5).
Photography by Brooke Holm; stylist Marsha Golemac for Inside Out.

'Grammer to follow - Carole of Sunrise over Sea (and her beautiful little home). Love the light ply door, the white painted floorboards and always a white Smeg.

Love a layered rug. Melbourne's Pop and Scott (designers of the sofas, tables, planters and lighting) always get it right with their boho-beach vibe.

I dream of owning a home with a big grand hallway (high stud, extra wide, ceiling moulding, wooden floors) like this... Also, if you're framing up a photograph/photographic print, consider a thin black frame - it defo kicks up the modernity and sophistication factors.

This master bedroom has been getting a lot of love around the interweb in the past couple of weeks. Imagine having a turn-of-the-century home with a bedroom that's bigger than your current lounge. This looks like a hotel suite... in a good way. 

Humble, simple and calming.

What would you do in this space? It's lovely as it is but I see a few things I'd change right away - like put those cushions on the chair, and change out that light shade... Love that black bench seat though.

Love this breakfast bar with its view of Stockholm city...

Remember that time the judges crucified Hayden on The Block for his black kitchen? They had it so wrong. I mean, the splash-back was 50 shades of awful, but the kitchen itself was very cool.

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