A much, much sexier Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Having two sinks is just being greedy, but I can't hold that against this Barcelona beauty. The herringbone flooring is everything. Love the suspended shelving, and that ancient-looking brick wall.

You didn't think I was going to overlook that amazing black steel arched window did you? Wait, they're french doors? Ded.

I love almost everything about this - the rug, the brick, the mouldings... (but word to the wise - that coffee table is impractically small, babe.)

Steal this palette - greyish blues, with bold black and a warm wood base.

OK so I really like this wooden work top with the extra-extra wide draws (am imagining the most precise organisation inside those draws!) and the shelving at the end. Also, I'm all for minimalism but that shelving is being SIGNIFICANTLY UNDERUSED, guys. See the rest of this Scandinavian lakeside home here.

Bathroom details by the always on point Flack Studio.

Lovely little workspace by NTF Architecture. (I spy some very cool half circle handles, love those - and I appreciate how they're the same colour as the cabinetry, so they're not drawing too much attention to their modern selves).

ARGH! This. Sink. at Ten Over Ten, a beautiful nail salon in New York.

I love everything that Whiting Architects do - they're my A1 since Day One. This is from one of their projects that I've shared a lot, the O'Grady House.

That'll do ya.

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