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I like this space, and I'm forever a fan of painted-white floorboards, but think it looks a little unfinished. I'd put a nice big art or photographic print on the wall above the dining table, or a statement light above it. (Also, sorry, but that vase is literally just full of pointy branches - it's making me wanna grind my teeth). What would you do here?

I know we're anti-clutter around here, but don't we also love a bit of exposed shelving in a kitchen.  

This is the kitchen make-over of Avenue Lifestyle blogger,  Holly Marder. So much to love in this one little pic - the Mid-Century style cabinetry with it's incorporated shelving, the way the floorboards meet the white kitchen tiles, the chairs that don't match... Also, kitchen trolleys are underrated. They look great and they're practical AF.

Also in the same house, Holly's workspace doubles as a guest room (that cool sofa is a pull-out jobbie). 

This beauty is a corner in the new boutique of a South African fashion designer, Margot Molyneux. HELLO to YOU, wraparound, emerald green cash desk. Love that green against the pink travertine walls, and the archway with its sand-coloured curtain.

The Farmhouse home of US interior designer Leanne Ford. You know you wanna see more - here.

Danish studio Norm Architects designed a new head office for Kinfolk magazine (located in central Copenhagen). Giving me Scandinavian meets Japanese vibes... so beautiful. See the rest of the office over on Dezeen.

I could totally live here - but it's actually an exhibition at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair (for String). Captured by one of my #WCEs, design blogger and stylist Katerina Dima

Loving that kitchen cabinetry - special shoutout to the recessed handles. Table is cool too (although I'm not sure I could live with it in a home. Maybe as part of a workplace fit-out...)

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