You might like to go explore the rest of this Ponsonby, Auckland home - here.
That shiplap style gabled roof, to-the-floor sheers, and separated dressing room of this master has turned my eyes into lovehearts. Discovered via Urbis Magazine, Photography by Sam Hartnett

Oh, that photographic still life is by NZ photographer Billie Culy.

Nursery sweetness.

I collect pictures of teeny kitchens like your great-Aunty collects cat ornaments. This one's going straight to the pool room. Spot the double Belfast sink (don't see them too often).

Hi, #SoftMinimalism. Good Lord I love this aesthetic. 
This is Bell Street House, by Melbourne architects Techne.

I laaaaaaaaav what they're done with the chairs here. Classic bentwood shape yet contemporary, mis-matching colours but super modern, intelligent palette. Ugh. Also appreciating the extra-wide floorboards.

Just a freakin' perfect bathroom, NBD. (Love that black marble flooring)

See more of this place here. Photography by Tom Blachford, Styling Lucy Bock.

Had to share this little scene with you...
From the home of Serena Mitnik-Miller, the owner of General Store (and her beautiful Insta account)

Call me old and boring... but sexy storage is sexy.

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  1. Hi, I'm in love with that dining table and bent wood chairs. Any chance you could direct me to the brands??
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Isabel! Aren't they perfect? Your best bet would be to email Techne Architects who designed and likely helped specify these pieces of furniture. You'll find their email address on - let us know when you find out?


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