Wellington's Ali Johnson and her artisan soap brand, Sphaera -

Ali makes her own Kawakawa oil to include in one of the soaps

Here's some I prepared earlier (no, really - days earlier)

Bevelling the edges - it's the little details...

After cutting and moulding, the individual bars
need to cure for around 6 weeks before they can be packaged

one by one, the job gets done

Modern minimalist packaging (love that soft sage colour)

Ready to head out to stores

Activated Bamboo Charcoal soap - designed to be a deep facial cleanser

You can see just by looking at a Sphaera soap that maker Ali Johnson is an artist at heart. She trained as a sculptor, and began a career in visual arts before putting work to one side for life and love and family. But a few years ago, in pursuing her personal goal of only using natural products in her home, she made her first batch of soap. As she experimented with formulations and ingredients, she began to see soap as something that could be beautiful as well as functional, a 'domestic art form', as she says. Sphaera is now stocked in some of the best design and lifestyle stores throughout New Zealand. It's become a full-time gig for Ali - she's very carefully composed each recipe, and she takes care of every step of the process herself. It's become a very busy life - people are loving the fact that Sphaera soaps are made using only natural ingredients and pure essential oils, loving the modern minimalist packaging, loving the formulations designed especially for face and body, or for kitchen and handbasin.

Ali has plans to grow Sphaera with new product ranges... I for one can't wait to see what she lends her artist's eye and clean, contemporary aesthetic to next.

Images thanks to Wellington photographer Meg Wyper
for Fancy NZ Design Blog

(You can follow Meg on Insta @megandlou)

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