The Neighbourhood Studio

T-shirt screen for Wellington's Union Tattoo

(can't not include any pictures provided to me of dog-pals)

Illo'ed tea towels for artisan peanut butter brand Fix + Fogg.

Photography and styling by Bonny Beattie

Since setting up shop late last year (we showed you around the studio here, go see!)
The Neighbourhood Studio have been collaborating with local brands and creatives screen-printing their designs on tees, tea towels, totes, and other things that don't begin with T. They've enjoyed it so much they're now offering custom screenprinting as a service - whether you need 1 item printed or a run of 100+. And while they're in Wellington, you don't have to be. They can even supply the blank textiles. That's when good neighbours... become good friends. (Sorry, I had to.)

(This probably reads like a sponsored post but it's not - we don't do those. I just really dig what Eloise and the girls at The Neighbourhood Studio have created, and these styled images from Bonny Beattie were too good not to share!)

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