New Year New You New Friday Pick n Mix:

When something's reeeeeally good, I have a physical reaction. I start rushing like I'm late for work,  I start breathing funny... This new Melbourne eatery - designed by new future superstars of interiors We Are Huntly - has me reaching for the rescue remedy.  Those amazing arched windows (my current and forever favourite thing), that warm grey exterior, those punches of Tuscan pink and swathes of deep teal... hang on, need to go sit in a quiet space and do the 5-5 breathing technique for a minute...

Simon Says: Go to the Dowel Jones website. Simon Says: Fall in love with the minimal, stackable stool. Simon Says: Give Dowel Jones all of your money.
(Simon Says stool, from Aussie makers Dowel Jones)

I shared two photos of this space a couple weeks ago, and you kids loved it, so I thought it was worth showing you the entire place, and the business concept behind it. Super inspiring. Located on the top floor of an old printing factory, Rye London is an industrial kitchen photography studio with loads of natural light and simple style. The space belongs to Holly Wulff Petersen and Renée Kemps, but they kindly let others hire it for shoots, filming, workshops and events.  Holly and Renée are also designers, photographers and stylists in their own right, and offer their impeccable taste and skill to brands through styling and photography services, and the creation of lifestyle and campaign imagery. You might like to follow these inspiring girls on Instagram - Holly /  Renée

Eliza O'Sullivan is a textile designer from Melbourne who, after years designing for household-name brands, has started her own little homeware label, Mosey Me. Her launch range aims to add playful pattern to your kitchen and table and includes tablecloths, napkins and tea towels.

Designer and art director Jocelyn Fortier spent years developing branding and campaigns for other brands, now she gets to pour her passion into her own brand, Pour L'air. I love her poetic black and white packaging, and the scent-story concepts, each conceived to create a specific state of mind. Jocelyn makes scents of stories. Forest Bathing, for example, is a story about a sun drenched forest (and a girl needing to be there) and was designed by Jocelyn to help you feel grounded. Jocelyn's inspiration for the design of the Pour L'air box was "a young Paul Newman in a white cotton t-shirt. Elegant yet raw." (< I just thought that was awesome.)


  1. Ahhh Moby! I feel a little hyperventilatey too! So beautiful!
    And more Rye yay! (Remodelista just did a post on them after you did first)
    And I met Jocelyn on a job a million years ago in Canada!
    So many comments! xx

    1. Glad it's not just me who needs a teeny asthma inhaler for the good interiors!


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