This just makes me really happy... aaaaand sleepy.

The STUH-NING home of stylist Lotta Agaton.

Fun, Folksy and feminine. Love that wallpaper - I'd totally have it up in my own little studio.

The amazing loft kitchen of celebrated chef, store owner and photographer Alastair Hendy. An industrial-feel bowerbird nest, built over decades of cooking and photography. Go see the rest of this space here (worth the click if you're into your kitchens).
Colour-block, modernist kitchen appreciation! Love the green sink, of course, painted exposed brick wall, sneaky little shelving unit, and blonde ply cabinetry.
I LOVE this idea - a black steel-framed partition to separate your sleepy-time area from your dressing/skincare/makeup (or study/reading) area. I want a master bedroom large enough to have dedicated areas for various lovely activities, goddamnit! What do I need to do in my life to achieve this?  Love that huge sheer curtain for privacy/light softening/texture, too. Also probably goes without saying that I love the grey walls, and that beautiful chair.

More babeness from the same house, feat. herring-boner flooring and whisper-grey walls.

This space is the new Sydney HQ of fashion brand Bassike, but I'd take it as my personal kitchen and dining room, please.

Danish magic from Muuto - photographed by Petra Bindel

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