FABRIC: A new pocket neighbourhood that's bursting with interior style

In the guest bedroom, a bedside table by Homebase Collections holds a Line table lamp by Douglas and Bec.
Circular mirror by MarkAntonia.

The guest bedroom artwork is Botanical Garden by Billie Culy 

The muted tones of Shapes Study No 2 and Palm Stairs by Samantha Totty pair prettily with a DS Hand Turned lamp and sideboard by Douglas and Bec. A collection of plants (in pots by local ceramicists Renée Boyd and Felicity Donaldson of Wundaire) throughout the display suite continue the green theme planned for FABRIC.

Photographic artwork South (left) by Brooke Holm and No 14 by Berit Mogensen Lopez hang above a sofa and coffee table from Città. The floor lamp is from Lighting Direct, and the Sherpa Weave rug by Armadillo & Co is from The Ivy House. 

Glinks Gully photographic print by Duncan Innes features in the master bedroom, where a Monmouth Glass Studio pendant is suspended over a Douglas and Bec bedside table.

Interior Styling by Alice Lines, Photography by Larnie Nicolson

One of Auckland's oldest suburbs is now also the spot for one of New Zealand's most contemporary living concepts - a 'pocket neighbourhood', inspired by similar developments in international cities. Designed by architects Ashton MitchellFabric is a collection of five low-rise buildings, housing very beautiful (as you can see!) and very spacious apartments, organised around a series of green spaces with established trees, vertical gardens and shared atriums. 

It was those green spaces that inspired the aesthetic direction for the interior - a palette of natural materials (wood, NZ wool and linen) and nature-inspired hues including soft greys, olive green and terracotta. The babe responsible for these dreamy scenes is none other than Homestyle magazine editor, Alice Lines, who was approached by Lamont & Co to specify the interior design and styling of the Fabric display suite. 

Alice has an unequalled eye for texture, and relaxed, unpretentious sophistication, creating spaces that - though they're beautifully contemporary - will stand the test of time. Her design also includes a considered edit of the best New Zealand designed and made pieces. (We're looking so good these days, guys. You should be proud.)

I don't think I'd ever go out if I lived here. Yeah, I know it's the staff Christmas Party Richard, but I have some kitchen ceramics I haven't broken in yet and this linen bedding won't roll around on itself. 

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