Design Diary - Wellington Photographer Meg Wyper

I'm looking forward to bringing you a bunch of these Diaries this year, as a look into the lives of all sorts of New Zealand creatives. 

Today's the turn of 31 year old Meg Wyper, Wellington-based photographer, stylist and coffee roaster. Meg lives with her husband Mark and baby girl Eilidh in Karori, Wellington. As well as being one of our amazing contributing photographers, Meg has her own lifestyle blog Meg and Lou, where she shares recipes, DIYs and more all in her quietly relaxing, atmospheric style - go check it out! (Oh, and if you'd like some lifestyle imagery for your brand, your product or just to record a moment or milestone in your life for posterity - you should definitely get in touch with Meg.)

Meg and Mark's garden and greenhouse is a big part of their lives

Corners of the Wyper home (thanks for having us, Meg)
Little Eilidh - turning the big 1 next month

Meg loves her coffee and is a professional coffee roaster (for Wellington's Flight Coffee)

Natural lemon cleanser - there'll be a How To for this coming up on Meg & Lou

 Lemon, honey and rosemary cordial - Meg's going to put this recipe up on her blog for you also

Silverbeet and pear coleslaw - recipe will also be up on Meg's lifestyle blog for you

One of the first things I did this morning was…
My daughter Eilidh was very impatient this morning and demanded to be fed, she felt that waiting for me to get sorted was much too difficult. Once she was attached, Mark brought me a cup of coffee and all was right again.

For work today, I...
I work part time for Flight Coffee as a coffee roaster and professional coffee drinker, today was a non-Flight Coffee day so Eilidh and spent the day hanging out. We wandered the neighbourhood and foraged a little, went to the park for a swing and dug about in the veggie garden - well she ate grass and I dug. While she napped, I edited a recent photo shoot I've done for a client, worked on a story I'm writing for the blog, planned the next month and started thinking about the March calendar page. Yup March (insert surprised emoji face here).

The highlight of today was…
Walking in on Eilidh standing up leaning on the edge of her cot asleep. It was both amusing and cute. Secondly; A shoot and recipe came together perfectly, I love it when a plan comes together!

A challenge/frustration in my day was: I've been thinking about a new sewing project for ages. I'd finally gotten around to getting everything together, I'd taken a couple of set up and progress shots and then, in the end, it didn't really work. I'm a very basic sewer so I don't think I quite had the skills to pull this one off, well, not yet anyway. Watch this space...

Today, I learned:  How supportive social media can be, it gets such a bad rap sometimes, but I recently I've met some really amazing creatives. Being self-taught can be a bit tough sometimes as I find myself in ruts quite frequently - so I'm hoping that a wee trade swap (I've recently set up) will keep me out of the ruts I find myself in.

The tastiest thing I ate/drank today was: Warm croissants dipped in this morning's second cup of coffee. 

If I could, I would ... every day
Plan my days a little better, my days always start with a plan but I get to about 4pm and realise that I haven't done nearly as much work as I would have liked. I then sit up late at night and swear that I will try harder the following day. It's a vicious cycle. If Eilidh was still going through her 'napping is for losers phase' I'd be going crazy. Nap time is work time! One day I will be a superstar-planning-follow-througher! And... shoot on film, which was my preferred medium when I lived in the UK but have you seen how much it costs here?! Now it's only a special occasions thing.

Meg & Lou portfolio   /   lifestyle blog   /   Meg's Instagram

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