Citta Elevation

A fave pattern from the new range - the pebbly Flint.

Absolute fave piece of the new collection - Citta's new Eve sofa.
It's also completely made in New Zealand, which is a big deal for real.

Gorgeous modular shelving - I want

Can we just take a moment to talk about how Citta have named their Winter 17 collection in the most kismet of ways... because while Elevation was so named for the mountainous landscape of Bolivia after which the new range was inspired... actually Citta's themselves just keep upping and upping their design game, and this just-launched collection is, again, an Elevation for the brand. 

Like the South American country, the collection is warm but definitely moody, with gorgeous texture, light and shade. I love love love the colour palette (greens, pinks and new neutrals - or more specifically Forest, Scoria, Date, Amethyst and Russet - don't those names just paint a picture?), and don't even get me started on the styling and that aspirational shoot location... 

Side note, how impressive is New Zealand Design now? You're all grown up, you've definitely passed that awkward prepubescent stage, and good god you're beautiful. 

New Aspen Chair Obsessed

Much of the new range of cushions is available online now

Definitely on the wishlist - the new modernist style Gaussian containers 


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