Kokako X Feldon Shelter X Sitka NZ Road Trip!

Thought you might like this as inspiration for a little getaway this weekend...

This is what happens when two design-lead NZ brands go in search of the best coffee wake-up spot.

Mike, the MD at sustainable coffee co. Kokako, has been following Feldon Shelter (Joel & Beth) on Instagram since they launched their rooftop tents a year ago. Mike's a fan of getting off the beaten track himself, and suggested they collaborate on something that would bring coffee and camping together. Together, Beth, Joel and Mike developed a one-off custom rooftop tent (featuring a bespoke coffee pocket to store specialty brewing supplies), and called in their friends at Sitka to join them in putting the tent to the test with a road-trip south.

Because the trip coincided with the launch of Kokako's Coffee Subscription service, they've decided to give the bespoke tent away, along with a bunch of Sitka kit. (Subscribe before Jan 31st to get exceptional organic, fairtrade coffee delivered to your place, and you're in the draw.)

Photography by Josh Griggs

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