Get out there...

Steve and Mark of Hatchet on a weekend hike.

A double happy today - some super nice graphic design, and a new NZ brand started by two mates who're chasing their dream.

Hatchet is Steve Cornwall and Mark Heginbotham. Since graduating from Uni and getting 'real jobs', they've been escaping their desks and screens as often as possible, to explore NZ and the world. On every one of these adventures they've had, though, there was some part of their kit that failed them in some way. The idea of Hatchet was born - a place for likeminded people to find the best (best looking, but more importantly best quality) products - the sort of stuff that could tell a hundred good yarns in years to come; stuff that's tough but humble; tools and kit built to be handed down to your kids and grandkids. Steve and Mark want Hatchet to inspire you to go on that day-hike or escape to the coast to catch a wave, to connect you with nature and with craft, and give you the kit to accompany you.

Hatchet's logo and graphic identity was designed by NZ's Kindly Studio with help from illustrator Logan Smith, and the brand photography is thanks to one of our NZ photography faves, Josh Griggs.

There's still plenty of summer left to plan some adventures... 

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