Back again! Let's begin with some Fancy SPACES...

Happy New Year, lovers! I hope you had a good looooooong break, ate all the things, filled yourself up with Vitamin D, and are ready for 2017 to come thru! I thought you might appreciate us leaning into a new year with a few fancy Spaces. Right? Good? On we go! 

In my dream house, there are arched windows.

Storybook master bedroom. And I can't not show you these shelves in more detail...

*Faints* (The rest of this home is like something out of a Scandi folk-tale come to life. See it here.)

Soft grey for the sophisticate win.

(If you've wondered, that super adorable plant with the circular leaves is a chinese money plant - starting to see these around a lot more.)

Love the weathered-so-much-they've-lost-their-polish floorboards, the mist grey cabinetry with black handles, and always (always) a goose neck faucet. I also love how they obviously couldn't knock down the entire wall... gives it character to just be effectively a hole in the wall.

Thanks to Melbourne designers Sisalla, this old home got not just a renovation, but a new barn-style addition. That pitched-roof, inky blue, tongue and groove wall though!

Totally under-rated bonus room of a home - the entranceway.

Yes to new, old and handmade all subsisting together.

Arches again. I think they're lucky. Digging the use of the glass globes here - anything else would crowd out the hallway and take the shine away from the architecture.

Oh hi, little laundry nook.

One for my members of the Scandi Sleep-ins Club.

A corner of the Pop & Scott showroom. That couch is the Pop & Scott Dreamer (in size: 'Lovers') in midnight blue velvet. 

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  1. Do you know if Chinese Money Plants are available in New Zealand?

  2. Funny you ask - I'm trying to find one for myself! Will leave a comment on one of the posts on your blog, Jody, if I track them down!


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