~ W I N ! $150 of designer journals + planners from MiGoals to Get. Shit. Done. in 2017

I'm sort of an international expert (self-rated, but it counts) on Journals, Diaries and Planners. I have letters after my name. (I don't). So you can trust me to recognise a really, really good one when I see it. And MiGoals' range is right up there.

First and most important of all, MiGoals look good. Don't go spending hundreds on your shoes and bags, you guys, and then show up around here writing in a 1B5. You can't plan an awesome life with an ugly planner. That's just a rule. 

Second, MiGoals differ from other diaries and journals in that the entire brand was founded around a focus on helping people who want to chase their dreams and take action. All MiGoals stationery is designed to help you get really clear on and inspired by your goals and projects, and then help you Get That Shit Done. Depending on how deep you want to go with your planning and reflection, there are 2017 Diaries, Progress Journals (a very cool pocket-size pal with a hard cover), Bucket List books, Goals Books, a range of Desk Pads, and the MiGoals iconic Get Shit Done notebooks - for ticking off To Do's like a boss. If list-making and turning your dreams into reality is your jam, you'll love MiGoals products.

So - thanks to Smitten (New Zealand sales agent) and MiGoals...

we have $150 of MiGoals goodness
(of your choice!) to give away to one of you!

(I like to do competitions where you get to choose the prize, because I assume you are discerning (or fussy) like me, and you're also so lovely that you deserve to win the things that you like best. Kay?)

Competition now closed - congrats to our winner, Ana Palmer!

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