Sunday, everyday

Style and substance - we stock the complete Sans [ceuticals] body collection
( from New Zealand, but world class)

Sphaera soaps, handmade in Wellington. (Sweet Orange and Calendula, yum)

We're super proud to have the best of New Zealand designed and made skincare
Grid trays from Scandinavian brand Fine Little Day

Depths by Jenna Smith, and Palm by interior designer Coco Lapine - from our collection of prints

Lots of things for the table - including #softminimalism ceramic plates and bowls
It is imperative that we have ALL the diaries and journals. All. of. them.
(This one is my fave)

Our black and brass wall hooks with the black Sunday Bench bench seat

We've created our own Sunday room spray, for your place. Inspired by our favourite day, it smells of sweet orange and spring jasmine with a little kick of fresh ginger. 

We have a biiiiig selection of ceramics, all from New Zealand makers.

In all the excitement of opening a shop, I forgot to actually post here that we opened a shop. So... yeah... we opened a shop! A little design + life store - called Sunday - out at Waihi Beach. 

But if you're not anywhere close to Waihi Beach, and you can't pop out here for a swim, and a gelato, and a visit (you totally should) you can still visit us online - because as of tonight, our online store is now also open!

Sunday is also on Instagram  ~ @sundayhomestore

I find it very hard to talk about myself or big up what I'm doing (I'm forcing myself not to re-type this 14,546 times)... but I am proud to say I'm finally focusing 100% on what I love. And what I love is to curate and share the very best of New Zealand design with you. (And international design. But mainly New Zealand.) 

This blog (which will continue, and elevate itself even further in the new year) - and now Sunday - are both ways for me to do that.  

I have so much cool, lovely stuff around the corner! - both here, on the blog for you, and at Sunday. For Sunday things, come join me over on Instagram @sundayhomestore - I'll be keeping the blog and Sunday quite separate, generally. 

Huge thanks to Rachel Dobbs (Swift & Click) for these photos of Sunday. 
You're the actual, actual best.


  1. Congratulations! Wish I could visit the shop in person but will make do with cyberbrowsing for now (I'm in London). Looking forward to more. x


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