Sleepwear for grown-ups

Laing founder Anna Murray

Your new sleepwear comes in its own cotton bag - love that.

We love a good follow yo' dreams story as much as we love quality goods, which makes today's post a double decker.

What you're looking at up there is the very very beautifully made New Zealand sleepwear brand, Laing.

Laing was launched just a few weeks ago, the new business baby of ex-Ad Industry 'suit' Anna Murray. Anna had been juggling 60+ hour weeks for years and weeks away from a milestone birthday found herself asking: "Is this it?" She'd done some reading on inspirational women who'd started a whole new career in middle age, so decided to take a leap of faith herself. She set about designing and producing what she couldn't find herself - the perfect (super-comfy, classic, top quality) sleepwear. She'd looked, and found that the only real sleepwear options were pieces that made her feel like a teenager or a nanna. She wasn't embarrassed to be still in her PJs at noon on a Sunday, she was more embarrassed by the PJS she was in - she wanted a sleepwear wardrobe to reflect who she is as a woman who dresses with care outside the home.

Anna describes Laing pieces as an investment in a stylish night's sleep. Each piece is crafted from fine cotton - and she's selected extra long staple cotton because it washes, wears and looks beautiful for much longer. The Laing launch collection includes flattering PJs and night shirts in various pretty but pared-back styles, designed to be worn right in and loved for years and years, not one season. The PJ pants have deep pockets, because it's just comfortable putting your hands in your pockets as you're standing at the sink waiting for the kettle to boil, right? The pants are also tapered ever so slightly, so there's no riding up around your knees as you sleep. Thank you. And they Design is in the little details...

Anna will also be introducing new products (soft cashmere tees) and colour palettes in the coming months.

Everything is available in the Laing online store, or from a select few retailers (including friends of Fancy, Wellington's LetLiv and Auckland's Tessuti).

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