Your long lost pal, the Friday Pick n Mix:

Missed you, buddy.

Renowned Danish brand Stelton (you'll probably recognise their iconic EM77 vacuum jug in that image directly above - first designed in 1977) recently commissioned Italian design studio Something to create them something (seewhatIdidthere) special to help coffee lovers rediscover the ritual of the brewing process. The Scandi-minimalist matte black set, Collar, includes the BEST looking stove top espresso maker I've literally ever seen, coffee grinder (the brass grinder can be removed and a matching lid added, so the container can double as storage for ground coffee). If anyone's looking to buy me an expensive gift, take notes. 

This is Melbourne's very cool new Design School for budding interior decorators and stylists, founded by the young duo behind Bicker Design. Ahem... blush pink steps! How inspiring does this look as a place to learn and play? 

How have I not seen this before now? The most singular-sounding, beautifully packaged perfume evah. 20 years ago, Sydney's Saskia Havekes opened a flower shop called Grandiflora. Saskia now has an international reputation not only as a florist, but also now as an author, and the creator of fragrances. Grandiflora fragrances are available around the world - including directly from the Sydney floral boutique, at the Grandiflora online store or in NZ from Blush flowers. Packaging and identity designed by legendary brand brothers, Moffitt Moffitt.

I do love a good before-and-after. This makeover of a vintage caravan will either (a) inspire you with a project idea for the coming summer or (b) make you incredibly jealous. Either way, you should go check it out, here.

I freakin love storage. I have baskets for my baskets. When I tidy away and stack and stow, I can think straight. So the Hide Away shelf by Nordic Function is definitely on my wishlist. Would make a beautifully minimal bedside solution, too. 

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