~ W I N ~ We're giving away sets Ashley & Co's new haircare - Wash Locks & Soft Locks:

People love modern day scent co, Ashley & Co. They love that it's all made here in New Zealand; they dig the bold but simple design and packaging of the brand, and they appreciate their conscious, natural approach to ingredients. Me too. I remember seeing those first bottles of WashUp that founder Jackie Ashley (and husband Ben) designed, thinking, "Um, YES to this. All the Yeses. Finally, a hand wash that looks GOOD sitting on your sink." Before Ashley & Co, the only other option was those awful 90's-style refillable pumps. You know the ones. Your mother in law brought you some. They were dark days. Well, we've come a long way, baby - Ashley & Co makes their WashUp in seven signature fragrances, is now sold around the world, and to the WashUp they've added a full collection of home fragrances and body care products.

Having loved this brand since the beginning, we're stoked to help Ashley & Co announce the newest members of the A&Co family - Wash Locks and Soft Locks.

Wash Locks and Soft Locks both have a 100% natural formulation are are derived from coconut oil. They've used goodies like Eucalyptus oil, which naturally gets rid of product residue build up and helps stimulate the hair follicle. The scent (called Peppy & Lucent, Ashley & Co have the best fragrance names) is my fave part - it's crushed mint, blackcurrant buds, and lemongrass.

Ashley & Co have given us some sets of Wash Locks and Soft Locks to give away,
which we're doing over on Instagram. Head there to win a set for you + one for a friend.

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