ON FRIDAY - Good-looking, minimalist 2017 planners (Plus, we're giving some away)

On Friday's A5 Diary

Day to a Page because we've gotta lotta stuff on

On Friday's new Monthly Desk Planner. Love this.

Get your paper bag out and breathe slowly into it, because... it's ALMOST 2017! What the? How?
I've had Netflix sessions that have lasted longer than this year.

It's OK, it's totally fine (smiles awkwardly)... don't think about all the things you said you'd do this year... think about next year. A new year is a sparkly blank page for you to write on, where all your handwriting is the best handwriting you've ever done, written in a black ink pen with no twink. 

Nothing makes me feel more excited for a new year than a fresh new diary. And On Friday diaries are some of my faves. This little New Zealand brand understands our diary needs. A cover that doesn't turn into a taco after a few weeks of use (hard cover, but fabric so it feels nice), a day to a page because we've got lists to make and lots of stuff to do, minimalist monochrome design, and a little classic Helvetica for the type nerds. And if you brought one last year, you might also like to know they improved on their inaugural design with 120gsm, uncoated pages this year. Details matter.

On Friday make an A5 Diary and big Coffee Table Diary, a Wall Planner, notebooks and sketchbooks and a new, very cool Monthly Desk Planner which has a top tear-off. 

We have A5 Diaries and Monthly Desk Planners to give away. 
Enter on our Facebook Page, or Instagram, whichever one is your jam.

You'll win an A5 Diary and a Monthly Desk Planner for yourself,
and one of each to gift a friend/your partner, so you can have matching organisational tools
(which wouldn't be weird, it would be awesome. Like when you accidentally wear basically the same outfit but neither of you get changed, because you secretly kinda like matching.)

Competition now closed - congrats to Bonnie Brown and her bestie, who won.

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