Just a few Fancy SPACES for your Sunday:

Melbourne house designed by Hecker Guthrie.  Oh, you want to see more? My pleasure...

You could fill an entire blog just with odes to the work of Hecker Guthrie. Shall we start one? These next ones can be our first images:

Love the brushed stainless cabinetry to make you feel like you're cooking in your own restaurant, and double love that dramatic concrete kitchen island. (Auckland home designed by architect Malcolm Walker)

I love when you stare at me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean...  Photography by Pia Ulin

More from Hecker Guthrie - this Melbourne loft-like workspace for a digital marketing agency (Evolution 7).  Would ya just look at those trusses! Photography by Shannon McGrath

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl. Because you're worth it.

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