Hi, friend. I found us some Fancy SPACES:

Get eyeballs deep in these beautiful homes...

Seriously great leather sofa, feat. the world's single best ever affordable statement light. (IKEA is just unbeatable sometimes). This space was created by interior designer Holly Marder (go check out her blog).

I'll never not love a teeny Scandinavian kitchen. 

This super-compact, super-cute Danish home is located on an island in Copenhagen. 
See more of this home here. Photography by Christina Kayser Ongard for Bolig.

My weaknesses include but are not limited to: men with builders' hands, carbohydrates, and industrial buildings converted into homes. This beauty used to be a pharmaceutical institute (you can see its  influence in this kitchen with the apothecary-cabinet-style shelving and THAT. LADDER.) See more here.

Simple and sophisticated - Melbourne apartment by Griffiths Design Studio. White and blonde, with little touches of black and brass = relevant to my interests. Photography by Sharyn Cairns

Little breath of fresh air in the form of a dining corner, to finish..

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