The world of Curio Noir

The Curio Noir flagship store - photography by Simon Wilson

Diaphanous candle (mandarin, sambac jasmine, saffron, narcissus absolute,
cayenne pepper and amber) 
Photography by Pam Tinning

Tobacco Night candle (sage, coriander, elemi, amber and musk)
 Shot by Steven Boniface

The Black Spice fragrance (aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, fresh tea leaves)
is poured into a smokey grey vessel. Photography Harlin Davey

Curio Noir plant based soaps offer a delicate fragance for the body.
Image by NZ photography and stylist duo, Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril Planqueel

Curio Noir Pocket Parfum - a little magical alchemy in a 5ml French perfume bottle
(Photography Evie Mackay)

Curio Noir Film by NZ Director (and Tiffany's husband) Andrew Morton

Curio Noir - The Craft (also by Andrew Morton)

Right guys, before we settle in  - did you watch the short films up there? Please do.

Curio Noir founder Tiffany Jeans had an award-winning career - before all this loveliness you see here - in fashion and advertising. But she gave it up to follow a passion that woke in her as she prepared for her wedding, creating a series of hand-cast candles for each guest. From those first candles grew Curio Noir. 

From the hand-blown glass vessels, to the development of each delicate perfume, to the utterly beautiful packaging, and to the moody, editorial campaign imagery, these ain't your average candles.

Every piece is slightly different and each one takes two, sometimes three people to finish. Tiffany designed the vessel to be used for flowers and foliage once the candle is finished. 

Earlier this year, Curio Noir opened their first concept store on Auckland's Ponsonby Road, designed by interior architect Rufus Knight (see more of Rufus' work here and here). As with the candles, every aspect of the space has more than a little magic - with details like carved bone hardware and a carved counter top that pays respect to Tiffany's Maori heritage, and a floor to ceiling bespoke display cabinet, backed with brass. The flagship space is also a perfumery, showcasing Curio Noir's newest line of perfumes, with names and notes that read like poetry. These are available in the online store as 5ml Pocket Parfums for just $35-40, or visit the Curio Noir flagship and choose a full-size perfume, and you get to also choose a one-of-one perfume bottle, each individually made by blown-glass artisans Monmouth Glass studio.

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