New ~ Father Rabbit Linen:

One of the best purchases I made this year has been 100% linen bedding. Feels delicious to jump in to and wake up to. Well, Father Rabbit have just launched their own in-house linen collection. Like everything Father Rabbit do, their linen is a study in Beautiful Simplicity. There's plain bedding and pillowcase sets in white, charcoal and denim line, and also three patterned pillowcase pairs (all the P's): stripes (aka the only thing you see when you open my wardrobe), Father Rabbit's signature 'kiss', and a sweet botanic illustration. 

My fave of all though, are those Linen Filing Bags up there. Mos def on my To Buy list.
(Especially great for squishing fitted sheets into, because seriously, who can fold those suckas?)

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