Issuey goodness from Homestyle magazine - Spring edition:

Open Shelving is my fave but I also gotta Keep It Neat - Homestyle Editor Alice Lines
shows us how in the kitchen, bathroom and lounge.
Styling by Alice Lines, Photography by Wendy Fenwick

A moreish little aperitif from one of the many home tours in this issue
Styling by Sven Alberding, Photography by Greg Cox

Damn Juliette Wanty, you give good Style. From one of this issue's bathroom features...Photography by Wendy Fenwick

Fine as Folk. Styling by Kerrie-Ann Jones, Photography Maree Homer

In spring time, the only pretty ring time, birds sing, hey ding - ding a ding - sweet lovers love, the spring... (shout out to the original Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder.) A freshy-fresh Homestyle is out on shelves this week and this Spring issue is all about refreshing your spaces for the warmer weather ahead. There's a kitchen and bathroom special, an inspiring line-up of home tours (including the most beautiful reno'd villa), and a plant theme sown through the issue, too. 

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