Storybook scenery captured by NZ photographer Sam Stuchbury...

Something a little different for you today... NZ art director (and co-founder of creative agency Motion Sickness) Sam Stuchbury shot these beautiful images for a new children's book

It's the story of two boys - Jack and Charlie - who live on the rugged West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, and who have an extremely unique life, living off the land and spending days adventuring with their dad. Photographer Sam says the mornings were absolutely freezing, but the scenes he was able to capture made it all worth it - watching mountains be bathed in pink light as the sun came up, and doing things like flying across a lake before sunrise in a jet boat. 


  1. Such beautiful photos which capture the beauty of the West Coast. Thanks Jack and Charlie. You have inspired me to get out into nature and have more adventures with my little ones.

  2. The chimney through the roof of the tent is fabulous! Not something we see over here in Queensland Au.


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