Good product - check, good design - check, good packaging - check. New NZ brand The True Honey Co.

Killing it with the graphic design this week guys! Here's new NZ brand, The True Honey Co.

Authentic, ethically harvested and super duper high-grade manuka honey (NZ produces the world's finest), from hives in dense stands of Manuka bush deep within New Zealand’s remote back country. Then it's sold direct from 'bee to you' (cute!), only through True Honey Co online store.
No more middle men - sorry, supies.

It was these values of unashamed honesty and authenticity that provided the jump-off point for the design team at Marx, who are the clever ones behind this True Honey Co. brand identity. The copy - which is funny and actually interesting and brilliant - is courtesy of writer Kate Phillips.

The palette is black and bold with accents of gold (changing to a deep honey colour on non-foiled items) - we say the black is an inspired choice; being both a characteristically New-Zealand-and-proud colour, whilst also feeling luxe.

Love that they've made the MGO ratings a hero (great chance to show off some slick typography). The illustrations were done by US-based illustrator Christopher DeLorenzo. 

Marx Design collab'ed with NZ's creative packaging specialists Think (Mat Bogust of Think is a cardboard genius) to create a completely unique, ultra-protective case to ship the honey. The packaging can be shipped right across the world and doesn't need any bubble wrap, foam filler or nasty petrochemicals. It's even more beautiful and special in real life. Oh, and it has a perf. Love a perf. 

True Honey Co  online store   /   Facebook   /   Instagram

The True Honey Co was launched at the recent Food Show, and the design of their stand (also by Marx Design) was too damn good not to also share...

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