Extra-special packaging for an extra-special Kokako coffee - by Auckland studio Design Dairy:

Nice little bit of limited edition packaging for you today, from Auckland studio Design Dairy.

All Kokako coffees are organic and fairtrade, but the Purosa Estate coffee is extra special - in fact, Kokako consider it the pinnacle of international specialty coffee. On their team's last trip to Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands, they discovered a truly rare and exceptional coffee, and managed to secure all of it - just six sacks. Those six sacks of beans have been turned into just 900 individual batches (hand numbered), available now, here. It's described as tasting of marmalade, pear and spice - featuring a full, juicy body, with a fine citric and berry acidity and a luscious caramel cocoa finish. Um, yes please.

Art Director Frank Turner of Design Dairy was inspired in the packaging design by the bird of paradise, PNG's national icon. It was the perfect visual representation to riff off, considering the Kokako brand is also based on a native bird. The colour palette and illustrative style came from a hand woven flag that the Kokako team were given by the growers. The package comes with an info sheet (communicating flavour notes and brew methods) that is clean, monochromatic and utilitarian - in contrast with the bird of paradise illustration on the reverse. The coffee bag reflects the original six sacks the coffee was transported in. The packaging stock is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and the coffee bag is compostable, both essential to Kokako's brand values.

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