A few Fancy Spaces for your Sunday...

Beautiful Australian home by Arent & Pyke. Just make children wear little pairs of gloves in the lounge - small price to pay. And here's the bathroom...

How good is the black steel framing used to create the shower area? 

This is a cool little scenario - mix-don't-match chairs in black, and a very cool painterly print. By the way, if you like that print, it's available in NZ through our friends at Paper Plane

Dream studio space (with more square metres devoted to dining/coffee-ing than working, which suits me well). Styled and photographed by Riikka Kantinkoski (of Weekday Carnival) for Finnish Design Shop.

Love the freestanding grey kitchen bench, loooove that oven. 

Good, well-kept vintage just can't be beat. 

This poky little gem is like an I Spy game for awesome things. So much to love in such a small space.

Ideal guest bedroom situation, agree?

Love want and need that rug, the Flos IC lamp, the sofas upholstered in crinkly grey linen,  and the heritage wall and ceiling mouldings. Oh and that sheer white curtain hanging from the ceiling, inset from the window. Yaaaaaaas to all.

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