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If the Small House Movement inspires you, you've gotta go and see how light, spacious and clever this teeny 22-square-metre apartment is. Leave this blog immediately. Go.

One problem with having 4,325 cushions on the bed is where to put them at night - big woven baskets are perf for that. (Not sure why there's two in this room but hey, we're not here to judge. ) I love the layered whites in this room - it avoids looking clinical with natural materials and plenty of varying textures. 

I am totally here for any room that has an archway, and big textile wall hangings.

Cool gym style room-divider-slash-clothing-rack (DIY with instructions here)

Dark walls can work
This is what I like. Something that feels a little patched-together and lived in. Clean and modern but not too show-home. I love the little day bed/bench in the dining nook, the white sink contrasting with the black benchtop and cabinetry, and all the different materials (painted and natural floorboards, ply alongside glossy subway tiles, black cabinetry and white handleless cabinetry)

One of the bedrooms in the same house. The wardrobe is also made of ply, to match the heaboard.

Love a space that prioritises light and air. Designed by that master of modern Australian interiors, Fiona Lynch

The Swedish word for bathroom is badrum which is not an accurate way to describe this one. It's a very, very good badrum. The owners of this home found the original 1950's green tiles hidden under wood panelling and layers of wallpaper.

Let's finish with a little reading-corner appreciation, shall we?

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