Postcards from Palm Springs - a first look at Citta's new Summer-16 collection:

Citta's furniture range continues to grow with modular, modern designs
- like this newbie, the Pop Outdoor collection

I'd like to lay a complaint. 

When New Zealand's preeminent design co., Citta, launch a new season of homeware and furniture, they provide so many lookbook photos to choose from - and they're all killer, no filler - so it takes me freakin' ages to decide which ones to share with you. 

Regards, Alana

Here's our first look at Citta's Summer '16 collection, Postcards from Palm Springs. 
They've extended their growing catalogue of seriously decent lighting and furniture (including the launch of a new modular outdoor sofa), and there are all-new cushions, a new range of bedding and throws, kitchenware and bathroomware and more. The colour palette and design style is very light and fresh, with a definite youthful, fun feel and hints of the Californian Modernist architecture and design that Palm Springs is famous for. All this goodness will be landing in the Citta online store (and your local Citta stockists) over the coming months. 

Also - can we just give a little cred to NZ stylist Sara Black for her work on this shoot? Nice, Sarah.

There's all-new stow bins and planters in this new collection (we heart storage, and Citta know this)

... and a whole new range of bedding, pillows and throws that are fresh and light in design.
This pattern above is my personal fave.

Also - did you spot those new side tables? Love the all-black.

The textile catalogue now extends to cute-as baby blankies

My tea towel collection is about to get outa hand

Just when you thought there was no other way to design a cool circular mirror... THIS.

...and they've also designed a range of table trays with the same three-quarter rim

Citta's in-house lighting range gets an injection of Palm Springs summer colours

And there's scores of new cushions. That textured, pom pom babe above is coming to my place

Love these three together...

The Summer '16 range includes a family of new, generously-sized floor rugs.
Oh, and that side table? They're also doing a large n' low coffee table version (see very top pic)

The summer collection includes a full wardrobe of clean, caj wear

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