Hello, Studio - Wellington's Of Noble Nature:

ONN candles - these are white sage and sea salt - with a embossed leather band

Tools of the trade alongside one of ONN's test-tube flower hangers with leather strap (on right)

'Gram Level: Expert

Katie heads off to deliver weekly goodness to Wellington's Sweet Bakery

Of Noble Nature is 27 year old Katie Rosati and 33 year old Lizzie Watson. They have an awesome friendship and professional partnership, that's recently included setting up their first dedicated studio. This dreamy little space you see here is actually a stand-alone building on Lizzie's 1/2 acre property, and the pair did all the work on it themselves, making benchtops from the original beams from the ceiling, painting, sanding and generally being kick-ass ladybosses. Katie and Lizzie felt a new, more permanent studio was the next step in levelling-up their floristry brand, as well as allowing their business to be moulded around work-life balance (Lizzie is a mum of three, and Katie's keen to start a family soon).

ONN offers a bunch (see what I did there? #notsorry) of pretty things - including wedding and event floral styling - but their main focus is affordable flower delivery within Wellington, and a monthly floral subscription service. ONN also has a few of its own homeware items for sale, including the hand-poured candles and hanging test tube vase that I pointed out in the pics above. And I know you're going to ask me who did the girls' awesome navy oilskin and leather aprons... it's Katie's leather-working partner Carl Rosati.

Of Noble Nature   online store and floral orders   /   Instagram

Images thanks to Wellington photographer Meg Wyper
for Fancy NZ Design Blog

(Meg is a lifestyle blogger at Meg & Lou, or follow her on Insta @megandlou)

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