Happy Friday! Here's a design Pick n Mix for you...

As the poet Mase once said: Now give me the catalogue, I'll show you how daddy ball...

Those clever Canadians, aye. Mister, an ice cream joint in Vancouver, where they make your ice cream from scratch, right in front of you, using liquid nitrogen. Interior design by Scott and Scott Architects

The word for someone who loves and collects pens is a apparently Penophile. Um... can we please vote to change that word? Surely as a group of people who love to write and/or design, we can write and/or design a better word than that. Anywhoodle... I do love a good pen, and the Ajoto pen is maybe the goodest I've seen; an exercise in beautiful simplicity. While there aren't too many details (because, minimalism); at the same time there are loads of details - and every last one has been considered. The packaging is pretty amazing just on its own; package-ophiles (guys, we need better words) would probably be happy just to have the experience of opening this up and not even need to find an amazing pen inside.  Yes, it's somewhat 'spency, but this is a tool that would last a lifetime, and would make a seriously special gift. *clears throat*. Ahem. An amaaaaazing gift for a designer and writer, who would be so grateful. Asking for a friend. 

Personally love the matte black and the spun brass, but it also comes in spun silver, rose gold, 14ct gold, and more.

Cinqpoints makes playful, graphic objects for lovers of contemporary architecture. We love their Bauhaus Archiblocks and the Home set (shown below). 

File this in your Really Nice Looking Cafe folder - Passenger Coffee, Pennsylvania

Eeeee! Tiny Houses! That. are. Cushions! From super cute Nursery brand, Camomile London.

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