Five Faves - Current Loves in Bedroom and Dining

If I had to pick a go-to aesthetic it would be the new Minimalism, Soft Minimalism. While it's still clean, contemporary and clutter-free, it's warmer and more welcoming than trad. minimalism.
You start with a neutral canvas (off white, soft grey or beige-is-the-new-black), pare back on both the number and style of the items in your space (less is more), but then soften the look with texture, texture, texture, muted colours, and natural materials. It's been aaaaaaages bro since we've done a Five Faves - so here's my current Five Faves from NZ stores, to style a Soft Minimal space.

K  I  T  C  H  E  N

Corner shelf for your shelfies in Nude from LETLIV   /   Brass candle by Scent of Home, from Father Rabbit   /   Small ceramic dish from Paper Plane's Mist collection collab with J S Ceramics   /
Kip & Co linen duvet cover in earthy Clay from LETLIV   /   Check throw, from Superette's in-house home brand   /   Also, a little blob of inky indigo (maybe some navy linen or velvet cushions, from Paper Plane) would be dope in this palette. 

D  I  N  I  N  G

These Merchant dinner plates from Father Rabbit also look good used as a tray, in the centre of the dining table   /   Love the iconic Menu grinders, which now come in sage and bottle green, from Paper Plane   /   Porcelain is delicate and imperfect - perfect for #softminimalism - and this spoon just has a very cool shape to it, don't you think? (From Nest, who have a collection of these spoons)   /   A crinkly, thick, stonewash linen tablecloth is on my wishlist - love this khaki babe from Father Rabbit   /   Your favourite tea or coffee belongs in something this special - and an injection of black (softened with the texture of timber) ups the modernity. Wooden Bowl/Vessel by Menu, from LETLIV.

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