D I N E / D E S I G N ~ Major Sprout

New Zealand design studio Fuman created the Major Sprout brand,
along with all the cafe's signage and collateral. 

The patterning actually comes from imagery of a rice paddy field
- a nod to the subtle Korean influence through the menu

V Wall Light (in brass) by NZ design collective, Resident

Also by Resident, the Hex 750 brass light

Beautiful imagery thanks to NZ photographer Jason Kelly

Had to share this l'il extra - Major Sprout's new coffee cups are MADE FROM PLANTS
and are compostable - created by NZ's Innocent Packaging.

Have been meaning to share this spot with you for months!...

David Lee's Auckland eateries (he doesn't just own them, he designs them) are always beautiful.  But where his first two - Little King and Dear Jervois - have a vintage and industrial aesthetic, Major Sprout embraces a different design direction. This third David Lee joint is all clean and contemporary, with loads of glass, white and light, and modern furniture and lighting. The warm timber and plenty o' plants keeps it soft and inviting (as do the staff - David Lee eateries are notable for their completely unpretentious, super attentive service).

AAA++. Would trade again.

(Follow Major Sprout on Instagram if having daily lunch envy is something you're into, masochist.)

Hat tip to NZ photographer Jason Kelly for the stunner images.

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