Sunday = Fancy Spaces:

 Wowowowowow ply and pink bathroom! (Rest of the house here)

If in doubt, keep it simple. 

Ink is a fave for this winter. Also, I just purchased this exact light for myself - hurry up, mr postman!

The office of Adelaide architects Studio Gram. I'd like one of these old vintage office doors with the mottled glass pane in my house. For real.

Hey lady, I'm jealous of your big, black, framed-glass, internal door.
(Fun Fact: This home is in a place called North Zealand, Denmark)

The amazing home of this blogger. Her mum made that sliding door for her, out of old windows that used to be in the family's summer house. Even bettererer.

Grey and white with... (will she say it?) pops (argh, she said it!) of black is an easy contemporary combo. Plenty of white to keep it Scandi-fresh, or more grey to make it more grown up.

Not strictly a space, but #FloorTransitionGoals. Scalloped concrete-to-floorboards in NYC's The Musket Room.

Another day, another brass tap and white subway tile combo. Don't judge me.

Just loved this little day-bed reading corner - and those mist-grey painted floorboards.
All done for today - which space was your favourite?

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