Ritual & Rest - new brass incense holders from Bodha:

You'll probably remember this brass incense holder from our recent feature on Bodha - the boutique home brand centred around ritual and rest, and founded by New Zealander Emily L'Ami.

Well, Emily has just launched two very special new Ritual incense holders to join the family - blackened brass and golden brass. 

Each holder is stoned, polished and then bathed in a traditional Japanese compound, using an ancient method passed down from the days of the Samurai. Bodha is working with a father and son team in Japan, who hand-treat each holder to bring out the metal's natural patina. 

Ritual Incense Holders have two wells, so they fit both Japanese and Indian style incense. 

The simple brass sphere was already one of my favourite products of this year, so I'm very in love with the two new versions. #wishlisted.

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