Quickies - Some new newness from New Zealand designers:

Cook, food stylist, Petite Kitchen founder, co-owner of Auckland's Mondays wholefoods cafe, and just all-round freakin' inspiring NZ woman Eleanor Ozich has released yet another beautifully-designed cookbook, Sweet Delights. It has lay-flat stitched binding, a copper ribbon, and is completely written, styled, photographed and independently published by Eleanor. We love Eleanor's aesthetic - it's moody and lavish, with real depth and richness, but still feels accessible and homely. If you buy direct from Eleanor (here), a signed copy is only $29

New Field Kit from NZ men's brand Triumph & Disaster. Because a boy who's clean and organised is a man. Get it from our friends at Paper Plane.

New look for one of our most loved NZ artisan brands, Six Barrel Soda. Plus the soda kings now have a signature cola, Cola Six, which will make your tongue do the running man (the legit running man, not that awkward white-folk-shuffle you've seen people doing in that Running Man Challenge lately.) The new look was created by Wellington graphic designer Caspian Ievers.

Another stunningly put together NZ book launched recently, The Raw Kitchen, published by independent NZ publishers Beatnik Publishing. It's the debut title from Olivia Scott, founder of Auckland eatery and catering company The Raw Kitchen (most well-known for her cult status raw cakes). 

Come for the blush pink and gold foil cover and contemporary layout, stay for over 100 seriously y.u.m recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free( plus a detox plan, raw food 101 tips and more).

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