Not much, just relaxing. You? Oh, and I found some Fancy Spaces for you:

Let's pack bags and go stay at this summer house, right on the beach, on Sweden's island of Gotland.

Is couchie a thing? Selfie > shelfie > couchie... yeah, it's a thing.

Beautiful simple styling from Australia's The Bedroom Society.

This rather grand home in Stockholm has plenty of little details to love. Exhibit A: heritage floors, and double doors opening from lounge to kitchen.

A bunch of design classics hanging out around the table (white Wishbone CH24 chairs) and brass Tom Dixon trio above, made a little more casual with that awesome rug.

Brass handles and tapware, and favourite matching kitchenware on display.

The cabinet looks a bit clunky there, don't you think? Otherwise this is almost a perfect 10.

Someone get some Autosol on those brass taps.

Love that crazy folksy wallpaper, the 'naked' pine flooring, iconic string shelving... and deep inky blue, always. (Can anyone tell me what that great plant is?)

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  1. Looks like a variety of calathea?


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