Introducing Auckland's new Salon De Cake...

A ceiling-to-floor white linen curtain divides the space in two, hiding the cake decorating area from sight during the day, but allowing Jordan to open up the space for baking and decorating classes.

The Caker's pastel and gold-foil packaged cake mixes are sold throughout NZ,
and are about to go global

Photography by James K Lowe

Thursday - time for another inspiring story of a sister doing it for herself. You're probably well aware of Jordan Rondel - The Caker - and her crazy-good cakes. She's been at it now for 6 years, has published two cookbooks in that time, and now heads a full team of young women pumping out cakes six days a week. Plus, of course, there's those beautifully-packaged cake mixes that sell nationwide (ands are about to go global.)

So it would come as no surprise that The Caker outgrew their little space on K Road, and - as of yesterday - opened this new space, just two doors down - Salon de Cake. 

I'll let the team explain the name in their own words: "The old French salons were where people collaborated together on points of high culture - and that is what we want our new space to be for us. Salon also means 'living room' in French, perfect because in the new space we really want to invite our clients into the home of The Caker."

The Salon de Cake is designed to play many parts - it's a cake shop from Monday to Saturday, serving minicakes (previously The Caker was made-to-order only!) alongside Coffee Supreme and Noble & Savage artisan teas to takeaway; it's a kitchen for Jordan and her girls; it's a parlour of sorts, in which to enjoy a tasting or host an exclusive little event of your own; and it's a workshop space for The Caker herself (the first class with Jordan Rondel is happening on June 14th - tickets here).

Jordan and her sister Anouk collaborated on the design, decorating the space with a The Caker's specific pantone pink, with accents of white and gold. And because their business was born from the concept of bringing together and sharing with those we love, the girls reached out to their family and friends to provide key pieces of furniture and art. Most notable are the tables and chairs, made by the girls' father, Stephane Rondel. Stephane is an established French furniture designer, and these chairs are actually an iconic design, featuring as permanent exhibitions in two international museums. 

Visit the new Salon De Cake at 446 K' Road, Auckland.

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