Good Brand for Good Grocer - design by Kindly

Old fashioned wrapping for your butchery buys

You know my favourite thing is good people doing and making awesome things, together. So I couldn't go past sharing Good Grocer and their brand identity with you.

Good Grocer (founded by Hip Group, who are responsible for some of New Zealand's coolest, contemporary eateries) is a totally old-fashioned yet totally progressive concept - a neighbourhood grocery store where provenance is everything, and seasonal, local, organic and free-range are default standards. I read somewhere that they sell a dozen free-range eggs for $5. The staff can tell you where your beef came from, who caught your fish. It's just like being back in 1970's New Zealand - except you couldn't get artisan gelato back then. 

The brand nicely articulates all Good Grocer's values - honest, simple, made by hand. Love the brown paper packaging. Good Grocer's identity was designed by Georgia Yates of Kindly Studio (whose work we've featured before, here) in collaboration with Logan Smith (Smiddy's Studio).

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