Fearon Hay Fantasies - A one-century old Auckland waterfront villa gets a modern extension

Photography Simon Wilson; Styling Amelia Holmes

The work of NZ architects Fearon Hay features heavily in my home fantasies. I thought you might like a little dream fodder to break up your week too, and have been meaning to share this beautiful Fearon Hay project, the Harbour Edge House, for aaaaaaages.

This beautiful old villa is one of Auckland city's early waterfront homes, built c.1910.
Leading NZ architects Fearon Hay re-worked and extended the home, creating a whole new wing.
A sky-lit kitchen was placed between the original structure and its new twin – the central space conceived as an internal courtyard, of sorts, between the new and the old. 

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  1. Superb Space! I love everything about it. It look so fresh and relaxing.
    Thanks & keep sharing


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