Young Wellington ceramicist Paige Jarman...

Photography by Wellington's Bonny Stewart-Macdonald, thanks Bonny!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Paige Jarman. She grew up always making things, and went to Massey Uni to study textile design. Her final (4th) year of study was super full-on and she burnt out. She didn't know what she wanted to do with her qualification, and she couldn't bring herself to make anything. It was half a year before she would make anything again, and she enrolled in a small pottery course at the Wellington Potters' Association on a bit of a whim - just for something fun to do. But she fell in love with it, and began spending all her spare time learning new techniques and making, making, making, in her shed at home. It didn't feel like 'work'. She loved how it felt to crack open the kiln to see a new batch of freshly fired work. She had a full-time job by this time, but approached a well-known NZ potter, Katherine Smyth and ask if she could be her studio assistant for a summer. She learned so much about how a pottery studio works in a commercial sense. She started making her own pieces and got stocked in a couple of shops. The interest in her handmade little bowls and plates grew and grew, with regular orders coming in, and Paige was able to step down to part-time work. So it's a Happy Ever After, but the story's not even done yet. Paige's dream is to eventually be full-time with her ceramics, and to have her own dedicated studio space. 

You can get Paige Jarman ceramics from our friends at Paper Plane or MEKKA, or contact Paige directly through her website.

Connect with Paige on Instagram. (Ooh, and while we're at it, connect with photographer Bonny on Instagram too.

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