Yip, it's Pick n Mix time:

You can see why designers love working with photographer Brooke Holm

I have been stalking this new Melbourne cafe The Penny Drop ever since its designers, Huntly, started sharing progress pics. Well it's finally open and even better than the BTS would have you imagine. Ticking all our boxes with warm minimalism, terrazzo patterns contrasting with marble, and the use of circular forms with my new fave, half-circles and arches. Oh, and those copper disc pendant lights THOUGH. Though.

Huntly is a relatively 'young' interior architecture practise; the work of Kylie Dorotic and Alicia McKimm. If this is the standard they're at within just a couple of years of starting their studio... hide all yo interior awards. Ones to watch for sure. 

Today in ceramics appreciation news... these handmade containers by Esko Studio. Not only do I appreciate the clean Scandi-Japanese good looks, I appreciate that though they're designed in Sydney (in the home studio of Mandy Simpson), they're actually made by artisan ceramicists in the mountains of Ubud, Indonesia. Mandy has a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and works closely with small community makers. Esko also donates 10% of net profits to charity. Accidental Word of the Day: Appreciation.

Cinnamon Projects is a boutique scent brand by designers Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. They actually run a creative agency together, but also just so happened to design a freaking beautiful range of incense and accords (perfume oil). I am in love with their solid brass, sculptural incense holders (especially the simple Linea burner) and... actually, just all of it. It's all right on the money in every single way. (Special hat tip to the type kerning, guys)


Been meaning to share this for so long - Plywood House by London-based architect Simon Astridge (via Archdaily)

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