The really really ridiculously good looking Atomic Coffee Flagship:

Atomic Coffee has been at the leading edge of NZ's world-class coffee scene since the days of lattes in bowls (hehe, remember those? A coffee as big as your head. Good times, good times) and their Kingsland roastery is a truly an icon of Auckland coffee culture. 

Being at the crest of the third wave coffee movement seems like the perfect timing to give the fit-out a massive makeover, and that's just what they've done, with a completely new interior designed in collaboration with Material Creative

Come for the coffee, stay for the coffee... (this is one of the only places in Auckland with a dedicated brew bar, serving single-origin, soft brewed coffee three ways) served up with polished concrete, marble and copper, against black, black and more black (the foil for which is loads of light and glass). 

Photography by Josh Griggs for Fancy - we're so lucky to have him.
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