Wishing back the long weekend, and a road-trip with one of these...

This long weekend, the husband and I took off on a roadie around Napier and the East Cape. 
Four days and four nights of pacific ocean surf, sunrises that turn valleys golden and sunsets that stain the landscape pink, roadside organic limes, bush-clad gorges, hidden waterfalls... Good God, this country is beautiful! That super cute couple in the photo up there agree with me. That's Beth and Joel, the 20-something duo behind new NZ outdoors brand Feldon Shelter.

You know how much I dig a story of following your passions; of creating a business out of what you love - so let me share this one with you...

After travelling and working abroad for a couple of years, Beth and Joel returned home, knowing they needed to get to work, but wanting to build a business of their own; one that would let them continue to enjoy their travel-loving lifestyle.

When fate put a roof tent in their path, they just knew. While the roof tent concept's been around since the 60's, there wasn't a tent designed here in New Zealand, and built specifically for NZ's unique conditions. So Beth and Joel created one. And, as they'd both yet to explore every corner of New Zealand, they headed out to road-test their first design.

They've spent the past year and a half designing, testing and refining - and travelling from Northland to the deep South - and then, just a month ago, launched Feldon Shelter and their Crow's Nest 2-man tent,.

The Crow's Nest features a built-in ErgoCell Queen mattress so it's super comfy, and was designed with small vehicles in mind - so they'll fit on a 4x4, but also a little hatchback. There's a very impressive list of specs and features built into every Feldon Shelter, you can read more about those here

Until you're able to head off on a roadie yourself, you can live vicariously through Beth and Joel's adventures - they record all their trips and share beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook, plus they have a travel journal (and online 'camping handbook') on their website.

Feldon Shelters are available to buy online - or you can visit their workshop in Auckland's Kumeu, for a full rundown and a play inside one of the tents.

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