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One of the best things I've seen in ages - the (very new) Botanic Shelf by Weekday Carnival. When blogger Riikka Kantinkoski couldn't find the perfect shelving, she got together with fellow blogger and friend Pinja Rouger and they designed this botanic babe ruth. With its light oak frame and variety of moveable brass shelves, it's a good-looking home for your plants, giving them maximum light and the vertical space they need.  We love multi-function.

I said this before, but this - T H I S - is the sofa of my dreams. The Savannah, designed by Monica Förster for Danish brand Erik Jørgensen.

We need this brand in New Zealand, kay? Thanks. Twig Teas - nothing but cold-brewed tea. Love the packaging, natch, but also dig the concept. Cold brewing isn't just cold tea, nope - it's a process of steeping tea leaves over a long period of time, which draws a different flavour profile from the leaf. Compared to hot brewing, there's fewer bitter catechins and caffeine, so you get a much sweeter (without sugar), smoother taste. Educations with your refreshment!

L.O.V.E the new 2016 range of planters by Melbourne's Ivy Muse, designed by good friends Jacqui Vidal (who also owns Signed & Numbered) and Alana - hi, name twin! - Langan, an established interiors stylist. Yes, all these images were styled by Alana (and photographed by Annette O'Brien) . All the Ivy Muse stands are handmade start to finish in Melbourne (ahem - not China or India #justsaying). Especially obsessed with all the Ivy Muse cube planters that can double as side tables.

Blacklist diaries! Arrggggh!! I want them all! But I especially want The Daily List, which is an Any Year Diary, which means I can start Monday and start my year over again! #newyearnewme #freshstart #letspretenditsnotApril. From Paper Plane.

If you have work to do, don't go looking through the 2016 Australian Interior Design Awards shortlist. I lost at least an hour, although you can hardly call it losing when you find gems like this eatery, Gerrale Street Kitchen designed by Sydney's H&E Architects (and plenty more besides).

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