Happy Weekend! Here's some Faaaaaancy Spaces for your interior perving pleasure:

A chef and painter's cottage (see the rest of the house here). You guys know I love a bench seat anywhere in the house (be it modern or vintage) - and especially in a bathroom.

Hello, handsome! You know you're getting old when the thought of lots and lots of storage to keep the kitchen tidy turns you on. Also, added to my wishlist: raw linen tablecloth. 

Australia's Mim Design bring the badassness errrrtime. 

You may say that kitchen shelves are not a 'space'. I say shoosh, it's my blog, and I love these shelves so much, I can't stop staring at them and imagining re-arranging them. They're the kitchen shelves of Ali Cayne, New York-based restauranteur.

Any home owner who has a dedicated nook for day-naps clearly gets life.
This homely home is amazing (see it all here)

Super sweet little Scandi kids' room! Steal this idea: position a single bed at the end of the room (opposite the door) and arrange cushions along the wall-edge, makes the bed look like a couch or daybed during the day.

Dirty pink, I love you.

Walls painted concrete-grey, floorboards painted white, black dining chairs that don't match, open kitchen shelving, huge glass vases, black kitchen trolley, grid tile splashback. Yes, once again I am literally just listing the things I like.

Still loving linen (and have now just put a valance on my shopping list)

O hai, adorable vintage bathroom! 

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