Happy Sunday, lovers x Here's a few Fancy S P A C E S:

Fave bits: bleached floorboards, simple black cabinetry, got hobs for days, and that massive vintage china cabinet. I want a massive vintage china cabinet for all of the things. 
Also, copper has been way overdone recently, but this is a perfect, considered usage. Approved.

The home of Australian illustrators Inaluxe (go see the whole home tour over at Apartment Therapy)

Amazing beachfront home (much more of this one over at SF Girl By Bay). Especially lovin' the oven, and that outdoor pendant light up there.

Mean green.

You guys know I love a bedroom bench seat. Bonus points for white-painted floorboards and nude linen. See the whole home at Decor8.

Someone needs to start a blog that only features studio apartments (like this kitchen/dining/bedroom/living room). I love seeing itty-bitty space design. 

Steal this idea: One outfit hanging on the wall looks cool. (You know how they tell you to put out your next-day's outfit the night before - does anyone do that?)
Also, you can have a sideboard in your bedroom - there are no rules.

Yaaaaaaas. Minimal, but not austere. Super clean, but super soft.
Also, I spy brass bedside-light/shelving.

What are all these Scandinavians doing with so much wrapping paper in their homes? Every second place has a basket full of paper rolls next to their desk. Do they go to more birthday parties than us? Are they organising lots of lucky dips?

And finally, because Sundays are for crinkly autumn-toned linen.
And kittehs.

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