A little Pick n Mix for your fine ass...

The Danish radness that is Ferm Living have just celebrated their 10th year, with the launch of some very cool new homeware and furniture - including a range of wall planters, a shelving system that everyone needs, and gold foiled wallpaper. And can we just take a moment to put both hands up for the styling? 

Nesting boxes are ridiculous and confusing, because if you nest them, you are essentially wasting two of the boxes. And if you use them all, they don't nest. That said, I am totally going buy these ones for my office. I'm a big fan of France's playful Papier Tigre.

Who doesn't love a good re-arrange switcheroo. These half circle and quarter circle cuties by AYTM (get 'em from DesignStuff in NZ/Australia) are designed to pair and mix, with a right-on-time colour palette of navy, brass, blush, deep green and soft grey.

Get in my wardrobe. Right. Now.  
(Sorry to just stick the tip in, but they're not available in NZ.) Hotel Hangers by Nomess Copenhagen.


This is a real thing that exists. It's a public library, built right on the sand in Nandaihe, China. Designed by legends of architecture Vector, the building houses a tiered reading hall, a meditation space, bar and activity room. The cast-concrete walls have been imprinted with wood grain, to soften the aesthetic. Oh my god, this is beautiful. Imagine the calm you'd feel here. Can we have more of these please, public libraries in beautiful locations? (See and read more over at Dezeen)

It was only a matter of time before one of Australia's very best makers (and stylists) would have her own book.  Tamara Maynes' The Maker is one of the most beautifully designed and curated books on modern craft I've ever laid hands on. See that curved bottom edge? So yummy. It's a big thick box of inspiration for anyone who dreams of making, with 274 pages of ideas, encouragement and projects to try, and spreads that are just babe'n to look at - thanks to photography by Eve Wilson (book imagery above by Caitlin Mills) and layout design by Tracy Lines.
Buy a signed copy here.

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